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When your coworker returned from Puerto Rico raving about the adventure they had with their significant other, was your first thought, “Adventure? I stayed at a hotel on the beach. It was beautiful and relaxing, but I’d hardly call it an adventure.” You inquire about this person’s experience.

“It was a non-stop rush!” They told you.

“Rush?” You raise an eyebrow.

It turns out they hired a vacation planner and did what’s known as experiential travel: immersion into the culture by way of the food, the history and the environment. They went off the beaten path, took the road less traveled, and in essence, transformed themselves into their surroundings. Rather than travel as tourists on the outside looking in, they were with an insider, experiencing with all their senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell and feeling. The only one they left behind was the brain that tried to tell them how different and foreign things were.

vacation planner
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So you vow to return to Puerto Rico, and this time you want to come back and tell everyone you too had the vacation of a lifetime. You start planning and hit a brick wall: outside of the typical tourist destinations—Old San Juan, El Yunque Rainforest, the Bioluminescent Bay and a few others—you’re unable to find the adventure your coworker raved about.

Your coworker reminds you that most of the adventures that await you aren’t on the Internet and are all known through word of mouth. “My vacation planner lives on the island. If she doesn’t know of a particular spot, her network of tour guides will. Most of what’s exciting to do on the island can’t be found on the Internet. It’s not how things work there.”

Benefits of Hiring a Vacation Planner

The benefits you’ll receive from hiring a vacation planner are many. Here are just some of the ways vacation planners can transform your travel experience:

As your vacation planner, I’m a professional, experienced in booking, scheduling and arranging travel activities. As it happens, I used to be an event planner, so planning everything down to the smallest detail is my specialty. And unlike a travel agent, as your vacation planner, I am emotionally invested in your vacation. I want you to return home and tell everyone about the rush you experienced. You might be an excellent planner, but as a vacation planner, I do this for a living. And as it relates to experiential travel, in order to make the most of our your vacation, having someone like me with that inside knowledge can be the difference between having an okay vacation and have a spectacular and memorable adventure.

vacation planner
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One thing is for sure: cookie cutter and experiential should never be in the same sentence.

Receive Updates, Travel Warnings and Safety Advice

Above all, your vacation planner wants you to be safe. Whether that means I’m in the adjoining room, ensuring you’re in shape for some of the more arduous tours (hiking, spelunking, diving, etc.) or knowing what to do in an emergency, your vacation planner can be with you the moment something happens or I can be just a phone call away to guide you to safety. Having someone like me who’s with you and not at a call center can be the difference between a minor inconvenience and catastrophe.

We can give you travel updates, travel warnings and safety advice regarding weather or other emergencies. You can be at ease knowing everyone on my team’s got your back, so you can concentrate on enjoying yourself.

You Could Save Money

For many, hiring a vacation planner probably feels like just another expense. And it’s true: we can’t beat pricing you find on discount travel websites. However, with my experience in finding deals and familiarity with the area, as your vacation planner, I can save you money on the rest of your trip: lodging, food and excursions. The money you would have spent in gift shops doing regular “touristy” things will instead be spent on the enjoyment of a hassle-free adventure.


When you use vacation planning services like those offered by Purple Coquí Tours, you’ll be amazed at how seamless your trip will be. The personal relationships both my tour guides and I have with area vendors, restaurants and service providers have taken years to build. And the benefit to you is simple: when you return or come for the first time, you won’t just visit Puerto Rico, you will experience Puerto Rico!

Book a consultation with us today, so you too can have an unforgettable adventure in Puerto Rico.

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