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We live in a pre-packaged world—even when it comes to travel. If you’re going to invest time, money and effort into exploring the world, you should get the most out of your experiences. Skip the crowded tour buses and landmarks you’ve seen billions of times in pictures of your friends and family members’ vacations. You want to do more than that. You want experiential travel.

With experiential travel, you don’t just go sightseeing at famous landmarks, taking pictures to document your visit. Your experience goes deeper than that. You can get so much more out of travel when you fully immerse yourself in the culture, its natural surroundings, the food and other aspects of where you’re visiting.

Fog greets the day in the mountains of Utuado

Central to experiential travel is the act of doing new things. When you participate and interact with your surroundings with all of your senses, you gain a powerful and intimate connection with the place you’re in. Through physical activities, cultural events, classes and meeting people, you’re not just going through the motions: it’s as if for that moment you are living it, breathing it and feeling it. Some experiential travelers refer to it as becoming one with everything you take in and embodying it.

Purple Coquí Tours wants to help you experience Puerto Rico in a way that’s meaningful and unique to you. We want you to leave (or stay) having experienced new activities, mingled in the local culture and  acquired a real “feel” for what it’s truly like here.

Types of Experiential Travel

There are all kinds of ways to immerse yourself in another culture when traveling. You might focus on one type of experience or fully immerse yourself with a broad spectrum of adventures. These are some experiences you might seek in immersive travel:

  • Nature adventures like deep sea diving, snorkeling, surfing, rafting, biking, zip lining and/or hiking through the mountains
  • Checking out excursions where only locals go (including beaches)
  • Attending local events, festivals and parties
  • Trying new foods at lesser-known local restaurants
  • Living amongst the locals in an AirBnb or bed and breakfast
  • Understanding what’s in the local cuisine and experimenting
  • Learning something new in a class or workshop
  • Feeling the struggles and triumphs of the people, from the living to those who’ve long since passed on

There are all kinds of ways to enjoy experiential travel, but they’re defined by you as an individual, rather than leaving everything up to a tour group that doesn’t know you. Each person has different interests and talents to explore while traveling. The more things you experience in a new place, the more intimately you will know and connect with it for what it really is, versus what any of us can read about it.

Experiential travel
Waves splashing against the rocks at Survival Beach

Benefits of Experiential Travel

Here are some benefits you might get out of experiential travel:

  • It’s personal and personalized—no two people will feel the same afterward, because no two people are completely alike.
  • You can help the local economy by supporting local businesses.
  • You learn more about a place than you would by simply looking at landmarks.
  • You’ll create long-lasting, colorful memories of your time spent traveling.
  • You’ll bring a piece of the country home with you by learning a new skill while you’re there.
  • You may make friendships with people: both locals and other travelers.
experiential travel
Left to right: Owner of Purple Coquí Tours, Sarah Ratliff, with two very experienced at experiential travel vacationers trekking the 1.5 miles through rocky terrain to get to Survival Beach.

Book Your Free Consultation!

It can be tricky finding the experiences you’re looking for while traveling on your own. If you’re unfamiliar with the area, how do you even know where to begin? It’s not uncommon to find it hard to communicate with locals, especially if you’re trying to plan your trip in advance. That’s where Purple Coquí Tours comes in.

We have the connections, and we know where to send you, finding specific entertainment, food and adventures that fit your personality. So, whether you’ve been doing immersive travel for awhile now or you want to try out the experiential travel thing for the first time, let Purple Coquí Tours guide you along the way. We’ll make sure you leave the island feeling closer to Puerto Rico than you did when you first arrived.

If you’re ready to get started planning an exciting trip to Puerto Rico, fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation phone call. Within 24 hours, we’ll respond to your request and soon we’ll be speaking with you on the phone. It won’t be a quick conversation, because our goal is to find out as much as we can about your personality, your likes and dislikes, along with any concerns you have. Our goal is simple: create an itinerary that will leave you breathless.

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