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sample itinerary for your Puerto Rico vacation

If you are considering experiential travel Puerto Rico but you aren’t sure how it works, the best way to explain it is to send you sample itinerary for your Puerto Rico vacation. In other words, explain what makes Purple Coquí Tours different from Travelocity, Expedia, etc. and tour operators in Puerto Rico.

If you google “Puerto Rico vacation,” “vacation Puerto Rico” or something similar, every single tour operator, vacation authority site and travel agency promotes the same things to do in Puerto Rico:

  • Viejo San Juan
  • El Morro
  • El Yunque
  • The Bioluminescent Bay
  • Rincón
  • Vieques
  • Ponce
  • Maybe Isabela and Aguadilla

Both the online travel agencies and tour operators have one major thing in common: They’re all fighting for you to book your cookie cutter vacation with them, and while I have every confidence you’ll love what you see when you visit Puerto Rico, you won’t have experienced the real Puerto Rico. Whether you book a vacation for three days, a week or longer, your itinerary will look ostensibly the same as everyone else who visits the island, unless of course, you book an experiential travel vacation.

What makes Purple Coquí Tours different from online travel agencies and other tour operators on the island is simple: we are the island’s first and only experiential travel company.

For experiential travel in Puerto Rico to work, it requires three things of you:

  1. An open mind
  2. An adventure-seeking spirit
  3. A willingness to step outside your comfort zone

The next question is, “if I can’t find any more information on the Internet about experiential travel Puerto Rico, how are you going to book the perfect vacation for me?”

My team and I have spent months compiling an extensive list of things to do, see, experience, eat, etc. that are off the beaten path. The reason it took months and not hours is because as anyone who’s ever done any research for their Puerto Rico vacation learned the hard way, most places here don’t have an Internet presence. But that’s precisely why you need an insider.

Our list has hundreds of options and it includes:

  • Hiking
  • Ziplining
  • Restaurants
  • Historic sites
  • National parks and nature preserves
  • Food trucks
  • Private lessons
  • Hot springs
  • Watering holes with and without cliff diving
  • Haciendas
  • Caves and forests (both rainforests and dry forests)
  • Festivals 

When I send a proposal to potential clients, I include a sample itinerary n the proposal, to give them an idea what to expect.

Here is a Sample Itinerary for Your Puerto Rico Vacation

(It only includes the excursions.)

Day 1

Calle Cerra

Sample itinerary Puerto Rico

Santurce, a barrio of San Juan, has an ongoing revitalization project to attract hip and trendy shops and restaurants, which includes turning bland building façades, highway underpasses and centers of mini plazas into literal works of art that depict the Puerto Rican culture and its history.

Alternative Excursion: El Yunque Rainforest

Sample itinerary Puerto Rico
El Yunque Photo credit: Keila Martinez

Although it’s one of the biggest tourist attractions, El Yunque has one of, if not the best, hikes on the island. Participants can do the shorter of the two, which has a waterfall at the end, or the longer one, which is an all-day trek.

Day 2

Mountains, Dry Forest, Forest Preserve and/or Helping Refugees

Sample itinerary Puerto Rico vacation
Fog moving in to Utuado Photo credit: Tatum Briggs Mead

Drive through Toro Negro, which is a state park and forest reserve. From there, drive through the mountains and spend the rest of the day ziplining, spelunking in a cave or drive to the island’s only dry forest. Before leaving the south, stop at one of the many refugee camps to drop off food and supplies to some of the estimated 5,000 living in tents.

Before leaving the mountains, consider glamping at the island’s first glamping site.

Day 3

Private Lessons

Choose from a private art class, snorkeling or scuba diving with a master diver with a camera.

Sample itinerary for your Puerto Rico vacation
Learn from an accomplished artist to paint mandalas, anything Boricua and more, and when you’re done, enjoy a nice meal. Photo credit: Keysh Rivera
sample itinerary for your Puerto Rico vacation
Photo Credit: Emmanuel Markham

End the Day with a Meal Cooked By a Private Chef

After a day of learning how to paint or diving with a master diver, why not pamper yourself and let Chef Krystian cook a private meal for you in the comfort of your Airbnb? His menu is as extensive as his experience. A former restaurant owner, Krystian closed his business because he realized he’d rather cook for private events, where he can get to know each client personally.

sample itinerary for your Puerto Rico vacation
Chef Krystian Photo credit: Keysh Rivera

This sample itinerary for your Puerto Rico vacation is just that: a sample. At Purple Coquí Tours, we have a list of hundreds of things to do, see, experience and eat.

The Purple Coquí Tours Process

When you hire us to plan you Puerto Rico experiential travel vacation, my job begins after you’ve booked your plane tickets.

My job is a multistep process:

  1. Learn as much as I can about you
  2. Put together an itinerary that is 100% unique
  3. Once you arrive, be as involved or uninvolved as you need
  4. Book Airbnbs close to each excursion, ensuring you’ve been able to see the whole island and minimize your time on the road.

Call us today at (787) 567-9573 or use our contact form to get in touch.

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