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Airbnb in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico and Coronavirus
Although I have very been concerned about Coronavirus in the U.S., Europe and Asia, until yesterday, I hadn’t given much thought to its impact on Puerto Rico. That was until I read the announcement from the office of Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced, confirming that three people (all older, with compromised immune systems) have been diagnosed...
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sample itinerary for your Puerto Rico vacation
If you are considering experiential travel Puerto Rico but you aren’t sure how it works, the best way to explain it is to send you sample itinerary for your Puerto Rico vacation. In other words, explain what makes Purple Coquí Tours different from Travelocity, Expedia, etc. and tour operators in Puerto Rico. If you google “Puerto Rico...
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Puerto Rico and Puerto Ricans
I am a huge fan of David Begnaud of CBS News. His posts are the first I see when I go to Facebook. In my opinion, he’s the only journalist who’s truly impartial in his reporting about Puerto Rico. Even when practicing impartiality, he’s an ardent supporter of Puerto Rico and Puerto Ricans. His Hurricane Maria...
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Experiential travel in Puerto Rico
When my cousins in Boulder, Colorado contacted me in November to say they were planning a trip to Puerto Rico for two weeks, I was beyond excited. I had just seen them in Wisconsin for their father’s funeral, so the idea of visiting with them under far more pleasant circumstances was what we all needed. They’ve...
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Recently I flew to Wisconsin for a memorial service. I stayed in a Wyndham Hotel and while everything was fine, I was quickly reminded of the reasons I loathe hotels and prefer Airbnbs. Although this may seem like a personal preference, it’s not just about my personal comfort. I feel strongly about staying in an...
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