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Sarah Ratliff
Recently I flew to Wisconsin for a memorial service. I stayed in a Wyndham Hotel and while everything was fine, I was quickly reminded of the reasons I loathe hotels and prefer Airbnbs. Although this may seem like a personal preference, it’s not just about my personal comfort. I feel strongly about staying in an...
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vacation planner
When your coworker returned from Puerto Rico raving about the adventure they had with their significant other, was your first thought, “Adventure? I stayed at a hotel on the beach. It was beautiful and relaxing, but I’d hardly call it an adventure.” You inquire about this person’s experience. “It was a non-stop rush!” They told...
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We live in a pre-packaged world—even when it comes to travel. If you’re going to invest time, money and effort into exploring the world, you should get the most out of your experiences. Skip the crowded tour buses and landmarks you’ve seen billions of times already in pictures. You want to do more than that....
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